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Игры, созданные на GDevelop, работают на любых платформах — компьютерах, планшетах, мобильных устройствах. Ниже представлена подборка из лучших игр, созданных на GDevelop.

Must-play games

Vai Juliette! by

Ornilo Games

Venture into this hypercasual game with over 1 million downloads alongside the Brazilian superstar Juliette Freire!…

Must-play games

Ball Challenge 2 by

André Holtz

Ball Challenge 2 is a 2D physics — platformer game with puzzles and challenging elements. Collect all the diamonds and coins in the level wh…

Must-play games

Stranded on a Raft by

Rinexus Games

You sail over an ocean of dangers. Try to survive as long as possible and see if you’re the best survivor!. ..

Must-play games

Miko Adventures Puffball by

Coriander Games

Miko Adventures Puffball is a challenging, tough, charming, colorful and cute 2D Platformer with a Metroidvania feeling to it. You play Miko…

Must-play games

Brain Game: Test Your IQ by


Logical puzzles for everyone. Are you ready to discover how smart you are?…

Must-play games

Hyperspace Dogfights by

Sleeper Games

Hyperspace Dogfights is a juicy jet-combat roguelike in which you’ll blast, dodge and slice your way through masses of technologically infer…

Must-play games


Lil BUB’s Team

BUB is a very special, one of a kind critter. More specifically, she is the most amazing cat on the planet… and her game is made with GDev…

Must-play games

Swamp by

After Apocalypse Games

A visual novel with interactive battles and meaningful choices that will change your path into glory or lead you into a deadly trap. Comprom…

Must-play games

A strange summer in Forest Hill by

Pato Peirano (Lazoky Games)

Help Steve in this desolate and strange village to solve the mystery of the disappearances and strange lights in the woods. A strange summe…

Must-play games

Traffic Lights: Color up your day by

Exotics Studio

Traffic Lights is a game where you become a traffic controller. The rule are simple: Red: All the vehicles will stop. Green: Tap twice to ma…

Must-play games

The Mighty Rune by

Wishforge Games

The Mighty Rune is a 2D pixel art adventure platformer created by Andriy Mtviychuk at Wishforge Games. You will be helping a brave hunter t…

Must-play games

Uphill Climb Racing Neon by


Do not let the fuel tank runs out, collect all the items and reach the end of the track without crashing! Want to test your skills in a fun…

Must-play games

Alanna The Princess Of Puzzles by

Games Igniter by Ulises Freitas

Alanna The Princess Of Puzzles Help Alanna to defeat all the monsters in the castle of shadows, level up system, inventory, potions, a lot o. ..

Must-play games

Karambola by

Holy Pangolin

In the middle of the summer, a pack of evil bird-thoughts attacked a peaceful village of emotional fruit people. They have been separated, e…

Must-play games

—Red—Tether—> by

Sleeper Games

Explosive top-down space combat that revolves entirely around linking yourself with opponents or them with each other….

Must-play games

Crazy Delivery by


Hey, come and have fun with us in Crazy Delivery, the innovative open world delivery game! Ready! Already! Play for free and learn about job…

Must-play games

Draw Line Parking by


Draw a line with your finger to guide the car to the parking lot….

Must-play games

+qwE by


A game where try to send a file to a very important person. But the problem is… dice.exe…

Must-play games

Ecolândia: Educação Ambiental by

André Holtz

A Brazilian game about environmental education. There are five games that will teach you in a fun way about protecting our planet. Level up …

Must-play games

Connexon by


Connexon is a puzzle game about logic, agility and fast thinking….

Must-play games

The Research Age by

Andrea Guido

The Research Age is a dark sci-fi, classic adventure game that combines an exciting story with puzzles, exploration, platform sequences and …

Must-play games

A Pixel Adventure Legion by

Ulises Freitas

A castle in the middle of nowhere, a princess in danger, and of course a brand new hero to rescue her. Enjoy the most epic adventure inside …

Must-play games

FNF CTP Remake by


Must-play games

Flippen Run Mike by

Button Bash Games

Earth is under attack and the «Nazdu» are devouring everyone they can get their hands on. Mike isn’t the hero anyone asked for, but he’s the…

Must-play games

Casino Roll by


You’re a dice in a games bar, fighting rogue game pieces for the owner.

Must-play games

Fungi Run by


A Endless Runner Game….

Type of game

Type of game










Trivia game


Graphic adventures






Sports-based fighting

Art game



Typing game

Board or card game

Visual novels

Vehicle simulation

Open world

Serious game



Beat ’em up




Tower defense


Role-playing (RPG)

Action RPG




Survival horror


Interactive movie

Life simulation

Auto battler (Auto chess)

Battle Royale


Turn-based tactics (TBT)

Sandbox RPG

Text adventures

Tactical RPG

Real-time strategy (RTS)

Turn-based strategy (TBS)

Grand strategy wargame



Real-time tactics (RTT)


Construction and management simulation

Asteroid Dig — Mobile by Helper Wesley

Eggventure: Savior of Galaxy by Rebel Valley Inc.

Escape from the cursed city by Gabor Gyenei

SpaceWings by Erwill

MemBlind by Still on randos

In And Out — Night Burglar by Helper Wesley

Galaxy Bash by Helper Wesley

Space Tappers by Taqzwee

WordElations by MeViPortal

Caveman by Siddharth

Geometry FiLL by Ranbarg Studios

ImpossiBall by CrazYBear

Dojo Run by Bruno Silva de Souza

Angry Colors by Deevei Free Games

Skull Bat Boy by Super Villain

Durr Burger by Sparckman


Alkebulan by Darlington Games

Endless Kung-Fu by NetDancer Games

Angry Space Fighter by GBL Studio

Inky Boy by Games By Jack

Don’t Be A Baby! by David Caldera

LIMO by Marichalazo

Bishi and the Alien Slime Invasion! by Matt Barker

Tundmatu by Jukka Rapa

Castle Escape by Bruno Silva Souza

Mega Panic Pixel by NanoSoft

YELLOW BUS by Aydin Yildiz & Akin Yildiz

Survive Evil Resident Zombies by shinobiRozs

ENDLESS DEMON by LockHeart Studio

Il etait.

.. by Bouh, Bravo & Corbel

Fury FI by Deevei Free Games

Gravity by Bitt Studio

Super Billard by Antoine Sertling

Lotus Meditation by YogaPlay

Wakandan Knuckles by shinobiRozs

Attack On Human : Spider’s Revenge by shinobiRozs

Storm Area 51 by shinobiRozs

Eternity Under Fire by 4ian

Armadura De Orion by Natanael Vasconcelos Leitão

DIX by TheFrogStudio.net

Blazing Inferno of Space by MillionthVector

Ecce Deus by 4ian

Smash The Eggs by Francisco Nacher

Modelo by AjidoDm

Pixel Black by EMKBRO

Burgers en folie by Fax

Key To Nowhere by Ricardo Graca

Introspectus by SquameGames

Discolors by Ousaf

Ruxby by Twisted Kitty

Evasion by Gatuzz

Return To Meow Keep by Sknarp

Jeux suis fan by Michael J Hatena

Floresia I : Intemporel by Mister-Slam

Gaston : Nuits de cauchemar by Hysteria Games

NIKO the Curious Cat by Jogador W

Brick Drop by Jak Inventions

Sakawochi by Matthias Meike (Wend1go)

Jukade by Fruk

Spider Adventures by AgusDev

The Woods by Roy Matipa

Metro Linea 1 by EDIM

Polytope by Seraphi

Helico Rescue by GameSome

The Blue Critter Adventure! by Blue Critter Games


Don’t Die by Brainjured Studio

Pixel Ball by Make Play

Sprite Size by Malek Elsady

Cloudship by Oxey405

Lock Simulation by Pragmasoft asbl

Nukepath by Tempty One

Tiny Golf — Fun Mini Golf Game 2D by Mad Elephant Studios

疯狂弹跳球 by muyinz

Pixel Aircraft by muyinz

Christmas gift giver by muyinz

Virus Puzzle by FiataSoft

Swirl Watch by Sleeper Games

Elements Online by Semaggames.


Sonny The Sustainability Scout — Waste and Recycle by March Digital

Emptyside by GolDDolph

//planetaSBVVR by EAnim

Tap Tap Rush by Planet 2D

RosyTeo by FiataSoft

Adventures Of Draco by Stoopid Genius

Balldemon by Ian Peter

Beto & Berta by Ian Peter

Hyddan’s Quest by André Holtz

Machine World and the incredible rebellion of an nhcc by Entusiasta Games

Slimey by gamepanter

The Wheel To Go by Skilshotgames

Leisure jump by muyinz

Comet Combat by Victris Games

Night Guardian by AR Borno

Maquila by Juan Chamo — PLAYOFF2

Stick Me Ninja by Even Better Games

Collasped Glitched Parkour by Dreamkingmovies

Draw for Ball by Gabriel Almeida

Nail It Hammer by frolics2dio

Food Comes From Above by Crisoberilo Digital

Oshi’s Journey by Bill

Jurassic Fantasy by Conmtrast

Ball Challenge by André Holtz

Skeleton Pumps by darkfleyker

23UL by Flore

Ballzeye by Big Head Bro Games

Galaxy Adventure by Manu_Dev

Time for Love by LumbirBwut


Roll and jump by Casual Sweet Games

Mimbuku by EAnim

Infinity Balls 2 by RABKNS.ONLINE

Robokite: Tag Along by Glume Games

Seven Nights At Rikey’s by Elairyx

A Family Tree by LumbirBwut

Redgy by Marandici

TripleJump by Lee Saenz

Fruit Fill Puzzle by frolics2dio

PatangBazi — Kite Flying by RABKNS STUDIO

Virus Kill by Bad Arts

Brusnik’s Long Way Home by Tough Elf Alfalfa Arts

PinkMan and the Last Milkshake by Arcade To Death

Vesuvius by Vincenzicus

A Pixel Adventure — Heroes Brawl by Ulises Freitas

Space Fat: To the Core by winknowsgames

Boxing — Bounce and Jab! by Mad Elephant Studios

Impossible Platform by xFinal

Cowboy Duel by Siendemy

Classic billiard by GalantiAmir

Helicopter Battle by Siendemy

Car Driver 2D — Hard Levels by Raygram Studios

The Shootout! by Mad Elephant Studios

Pixel Dash by CmSpeedrunner

Pigs Can’t Fly by Illuna

Click It by Grif

Chibo adventure by squaremonkey

Norman’s Warplane by Norman

Toweralia — by Ulises Freitas

Racealia by Ulises Freitas

Aeralia by Ulises Freitas

Sina by EAnim

Calques Collector by Kerim Mounir


Super Pixel Adventure by Rye

Dark & FI by Deevei Games

Oblidat Souls by Deevei Games

Grindeee by Zedrick Mojica


It’s Bleck Man by FunMan24

Dangerous Crossing by Aleksandr Sytin

Colors Slash by Oxey405

Jogo da localização by Saul Lim Santos

The Great Eggscape by RicoTV

Heroes Quest by TemptyOne

John’s World by Torres Hernandez Design

Surtr: The Edge Of Ragnarok by HelperWesley

Fast Food by Illuna

Scarlett Of Power by ShyLxve

Ice Cream Rescue by DiceFlip Games

Pop It Bomb! by André Holtz

SpaceBar Runner — Click and Run Game by GameSome

Rhythm Retro by Soulzilla

Friday Night Funkin Character Test Playground Remake by MadManToss

Light (demo) by TGE

Cl1cky by Dorikyh

Shape Editor by yunuselcan

Tile-On: Matching Game by GameSome

Pixel Block Down — Rapid Roll by Pixel Ans Games

Square Dash — Geometry Adventure‏ by Ismail


Super Track by Ellam Ondre

A Fishy RPG by LGV

The Lost Dog’s Frienship by MSAR

Funtoos by Ganik

Space Shoot 2 by jegabbgames

Mid Night Ball by WkPlayGames

Aro Music by M.


Grand’ma and the flowers by LumbirBwut

Sourcelight RPG by Bryce Call

Jump Up Top by Omartainment

In The Belly Of The Beast by Selvic Games

Hyper C by Marandici

Star Lords Clash by Starlite Games

playing scales by wesleymontaigne

Level 5 — The Challenge by PlayDude

Racha Cuca by Paulo Mello

Adent by Kokeen Games

Soul Path by Gtine

Physik by Arkodsko

Wenemia by edwin ramcas

Draggable by AGK

Gearbox by Jurfix

Takumi and the spooky planet by Yurei Inku

Pinball 2D by Paulo Mello

NO MORE FUN After Space Parties by Zwumyn25 (Pierre) and Kreaki (Rémi)

Organ Tangram by Kreaki (Rémi Décorne)

Block Candy by WkPlayGames

La course de Noël by La Station

Looped by Leo Red

SocialKnott by Untameddevelopment

The Purple Chapters by MrPhysical

Weather Feels Like by Jurfix

DotBullet by FawDot

Gratified Galaxy by Endoblance

Odisea by Yuregames

Risky Frisk by Naeem Mohammad

Knight survival phone by ID Games

Recycling for My City by Mercatoria Studios

Titan withLens by DrEnds

Catco’s Galaxy Rust (Act 2) by ocfrom

Ryan Run by Isaac_2

Quiz of Tale by romezos

Coronavirus game by Nsuadi Moise

Physics is power by skrinner

CubeSnake by shadow00dev

Caramel Mutt Adventure by Ian Peter

Gank By Mom -escape game by Hoang Wizard


AVACADO PIT | Gdevelop by MSAR

Super Blue Blob 2 by Y.

A.C Games

Block Escaper by Ranbarg Studios

Sky Lords by Starlite Games

Bryga by Dev38Games

Nekon Kodyg by Dev38Games

Zombie Attack : Tower Defense by Frolics2dio

Fireworks by Frolics2dio

Um Pouco de Nós by Ompleto

PhysWurld by CodeSplash/Kiwili Inc.

Smiler’s Adventures by Jimmy Faucher

Broken Game by Comdar

Quoin by Jimpa

Knight survival by ID Games

Build. by Fredboi901

The Men In The Town Below by TwistedEvil

Nick’s Adventure by NickTeamGames

Animal world by ID Games

Quantum Racing by Quantrum Interactive Systems S.A.S

Good Luck by IsMakeGames

Avventura Ragno by PixGameAdventuresStudios

Lighty by ItsGitto

Super Blue Blob by Y.A.C Games

Um Pouco de Nós by Ompleto

Achieve by Pih Interactives

Cyber Cyclops by Cacique Indie Game Art

Painting with Larry by 47%Games

Broiler Stars by Markus Schütz

Trepidation — Analog Horror Game by QHG Studios

contraste interno by EAnim

re-castrum by EAnim

AVGDevelop by Hut Games

Majken by Tilda Kampman

Tricky Puzzle by Gasparyan

Boomoji by Riccardo Pilloni

Planet Basher by PalmTanic Studios

Rincon de Aventuras by GioRoblesC

RADAR by SpringySpringo

Pitballs by Orbinho

MonsterClickers by GamePants

Delivering Bones by CatGumba

Manus World by TeamStream

SquarePlosion by Mikayeel Hussain

HIGH SCORE HUNTING by katakuriko

Phantom Square by h3Y Games

Phantom Square 2 by h3Y Games

The Computer Virus Game by ariintheflesh


Geometry by Ysodi Corporation and GDevelop

EXTINCION by SebasDev and MaxDev

Hyper C by Marandici

REMA TU BOTE by SebasDev

Super Nutshell Bros by Gooser and friends

Apple Invasion by WeirdKnight

Luck And Load by Quarantine Games

Dungeon Knight by Stefano_Gaming

Inverted by Stefano_Gaming

Miami’s Deadline by Stefano_Gaming

TipTap Battle! by GAMEE 2D

River Rush by 2nd Best Games

Block Rush by siddhant

Pixel Morph by CmSpeedrunner

Nitepong by Bleata Organization

Happy Face ! by FRG


Happy PlayCity:Build your City by Starmond

Idle Clicker Game by BTM Games

Fetch in the Forest by 47% Games


CALC-A-FROG by ikmalsaid

Baby Thief by Mahdi Ghasemi

black and white by czklowns and djmaxcz

SL1D3R by RicoTV

Mr Meal by Pan Gangowski

Calculo de resistores by Paulo Mello

Army v.

s Zombies by VegeTato

Minitize by Ahnaf30e

Apocalipse Maromba — DEMO by Emerson Marks

Don’t Play the Game by Noble Rube Gaming

Spheres of Power V2 by Starlite Games

Word Of Theme by Cheewee

Wild West Fight by Qolonia_Studio

Logic Move by FRG_Games_Studio

Pixel Railfight by CmSpeedrunner

Simon Quiz by Gigaset Games (Paulo Mello)

SquarePlosion by Mikayeel Hussain

Francis Time by Skvader418

The Adventures Of Jones by Vita1998Games

DICE PAIRS by Ikmal Said

Battle against an 8 ball! by MR Flo-ax

Hoops Runs by Abcia2

Slice N’ Dice by planktonfun

Zsquare by DHsoftware

Concrete Boots by Audeocreations

Tunnelboy by Audeocreations

Through Time by Geek Authentique

Legend of Gelbo Demo by Andrew Greenwood

Geometric Adventures by SebasDev

Stck Ball by ATAPPSN

Platformer Wheel by Super Sega

RockStalkers 4: Teleportation realm by Super Sega

Psycho Adventures: Platformer by bundyboy

Jet Pac: Fulle Spectrum Astronaut by Rami Niemi (Tulenväki Productions)


I.C.E. by Rami Niemi (Tulenväki Productions)

Until My Last Breath (Reboot) by Coloured Studios

Dig Train by Super Sega

Strike Force — Alone Commander by MIUSOFT

Pig Rush by Cruz Studios

Dungeon Knight by Stefano_Gaming

Monkey Milk by Poala Productions

Jumping Cube by IRJM Games

Yvan’s Quest by NRGameLab

Cloud Heart by Sodafrost

Psycho Adventures: Platformer by bundyboy


Koko The Fixer by Dtreap

Laikaban by Pih Realms, Coeur, Half a Mirror

dog topple by Sulfur-Cretin

Juice Empire by Pan Gangowski

Friday Night Funkin’ : dar-kice Engine by ItsIceCreeperPE

Drawbridge by Interpixle Game Studios

Bullet Adventure demo by Shadow_Assassin

Уроки Разработки Игр в Академии GDevelop

Уроки Разработки Игр в Академии GDevelop | GDevelop

Изучите пошаговые инструкции по использованию GDevelop или получите справочную информацию по определенным функциям. У нас есть уроки по созданию игр для начинающих, а также вики с полной документацией по приложению.



Научитесь делать игры с помощью GDevelop

Обучитесь работе с нашим быстрым и гибким игровым движком. Просмотрите наши короткие видео или прочитайте полноценную статью о том, как начать создавать игру.

How To Get Started

Learn the basics of GDevelop and game creation. Start in a few minutes thanks to our playlist of 5 minutes video, and start making your own game today.

How To Get Better

Learn deeper concept related to game creation with GDevelop: make multiple levels, add leaderboards to your game, touch controls, save and load, use the physics engine… These videos are the best way to see everything you can do with GDevelop!

How To Make a Platformer

Learn how to make a Platformer game from scratch! Starting from zero, you will learn how to make a fun platform game, using assets found in the GDevelop asset store.

How To Get Advanced

Go over advanced ways of using the game engine, and help you create more complicated games.

How To Go In-Depth

Learn in deep a feature of the game engine.

6 Ways To Make Your Game Better

Improve game feel (Or Juice) by doing 4 of these 6 things, and then the other 2 will help you get and retain players for your game. Wikipedia says that «Game feel (sometimes referred to as «game juice») is the intangible, tactile sensation experienced when interacting with video games.» But there are a number of common things that developers do the make games feel more fun to interact with. So in this video we’ll explain those to help you make a better game, get more players for your game, and retain those players for longer.

How to make Asteroids

Learn how to make the Asteroids game! Starting from zero, these videos will teach you how to make this game.

How To Make A Sokoban Game

Sokoban games are block pushing puzzle games, where the levels are small, and the player needs to figure out which sequence of pushes will result in them winning the game.

How To Make A Roguelike Game

Roguelikes are deceptively simple to make. The two main features of modern day roguelikes are permadeath and randomized levels, so once you’ve created the base mechanics of the game you can just layer on new things to that core gameplay loop.

How To Make A Metroidvania — Locks & Keys

Metroidvania games all have 1 thing in common, the game worlds consist of a series of locks(Things you can’t pass yet) and keys(The tool you needed to get passed it). So in this video we show game developers just how easy it is to create this sort of system in GDevelop using Boolean variables to unlock abilities, get over obstacles, and unlock doors.

How To Make A Sim City Like Game

City building games like Sim City have lots of individual mechanics that come together to create something fun. In this video we’re going to show how simple the basics of creating a city builder can be.

Make A Game Like Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a great game created by a solo developer, and we thought it would be useful for game developers to see a video explaining some of it’s mechanics, and how to add those mechanics to their game in GDevelop.

Create A Pokémon Style Monster Tamer Game

With Pokemon scarlet and violet coming out, we decided show game developers how to go about creating a top down rpg game in GDevelop. With top down movement and turn based battles, similar to pokemon.

How To Do a Cookie Clicker

Idle clicker games are incredibly popular, and surprisingly easy to make. So in this video we show how to add clicker game mechanics to your game with GDevelop.

Geometry Monster Tutorial

Make a hyper-casual mobile game where the player must grab shapes and avoid bombs.

10 Best Game Development Extensions

Extensions make game development a LOT easier, giving you functionality that you would otherwise have to create yourself. Saving you time and energy in the process of developing your game. This video was created to show you the most commonly used extensions in the GDevelop game engine, which is a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game engine.

Beginner’s Guide To GDevelop

This video goes over the basics of GDevelop by creating a quick example game. GDevelop’s no code event system, behaviors and extensions, adding sound effects, and more.

The Easiest Way To Create Menus

Every gamedev knows that setting up menus can be a really time consuming task, but with GDevelop’s new custom objects, it’s one of the quickest parts of the game making process.

Intro: Object types

This video goes over the object types in GDevelop, and briefly shows what each one can be used for. This will be useful for any game developers who are just starting out with the engine, or someone who doesn’t understand some of the object types.

Intro: Event system

This will be useful for any game developers who are just starting out with the engine, or someone who hasn’t been using all of the tools the game engine has to offer.

Intro: Variables

In this video, we’ll take an introductory look at variables. We will learn the differences between scene, global, and object variables, as well as when to use them. The focus here is on concrete examples, so that you can leave with some real ideas of how to apply variables in your own game!

Intro: Expression Builder

This video goes over the expression builder. What it’s used for and what sort’s of things it’s capable of. It also goes over a practical example of adding health points to a character. This will be useful for any game developers who are just starting out with the engine, or someone who hasn’t tried using the expression builder yet.

Intro: Behaviors and Functions (Extensions)

As a game creator, you want to get from concept to finished product as soon as possible. Behaviors and functions (extensions) address this by letting you not reinvent the wheel, so you can focus on actually making your game! In this video, we’ll go over the basics of behaviors and functions as well as how you can use them in your next project.

Intro: Optimization

This video teaches GDevelop users about game optimization, and briefly goes over most of the areas that could be causing lag or poor performance in your game. These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game engine.

How To:

Quickly randomize the sounds with pitch.

How To:

Round a decimal number.

How To:

Cause screen shake.

How To:

Fire a bullet.

How To:

Make an infinite scrolling background.

How To:

Make an object move.

How To:

Center camera on object.

How To:

Move toward the mouse position.

How To:

Fix blurry pixel art.

How to get started with game dev

How to get started with game dev. Check out GDevelop today! GDevelop is a 2D cross-platform, free and open-source game engine.

2D Game Development — Crash Course

Learn how to create games with GDevelop, a 2D cross-platform, free and open-source game engine. You can create games with minimal coding and run them on most major platforms.

4 Ways to Make Money With Game Development

Making money from your video games is possible and there are lots of ways to do it. This video quickly goes over 4 of the most straight forward ways to earn money through game development. These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game engine.

Intermediate: Object Picking

In this tutorial, we cover the object picking system, which is integral to certain kinds of game behaviors, such as checkpoint systems for instance! These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game making app.


This video shows you how to add a leaderboard to your game in the GDevelop game engine. How to set up the leaderboards, customize them, trigger them with events, and display them on screen. These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game engine.

Intermediate: External Events, External Layouts & Global Objects

You’ve created a level for your game, but now need to make a second level. How can you do this without copy pasting everything over to a new scene? In fact, GDevelop offers a suite of tools to solve problems like these, which will save you time as a game creator.

Intermediate: Bitmap Text & Tilemap

To finish off our coverage of object types in GDevelop, we go over the two currently experimental types: Bitmap Text and Tiled!

Intermediate: Advanced Variables (Booleans, Arrays, and Structures)

Learn what the different variables’ types are for and how to use them. Booleans, Arrays, and Structures won’t hold any secrets for you anymore!

Intermediate: Level Select Menu

This video shows how to create a level select menu. How to create a menu and change scenes, as well as how lock off levels so they can’t be accessed until the level before it is beaten. This tutorial will be useful for any game developers using GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game-making app.

Intermediate: Touchscreen Controls

This video shows how to create basic touch screen controls, using them to control a platformer character. It also teaches the viewer how to set up your game to expand to fill up the entire screen regardless of the original resolution using the anchor behavior. These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game making app.

Intermediate: Toggle States With A Variable

This video shows how to toggle the state of an object, in this case a mute button, using a variable. As well as how toggling/cycling object states with variables can be used in a game. These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game making app.

Intermediate: Changing Animations

This video shows the actions and conditions related to animations for a sprite object. How to change an animation by it’s name or number in order. As well as how toggling/cycling object states with variables can be used in a game. These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game making app.

Intermediate: Physics Engine 2.0 Events

This video goes over some of the events related to the physics engine in GDevelop. Explaining what forces and impulses are used for, and going over a use case for the revolute joint.(Pinball) These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game engine.

Intermediate: Expressions

This video goes over some commonly used expressions, that you will find useful for your games in GDevelop. Showing you where you would use these useful expressions, and why. These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game engine.

Intermediate:Camera Controls

This video goes over camera controls within the GDevelop game engine. Going over camera movement, zoom, rotation, and camera shake. These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game engine.

Intermediate:Timers And Waiting

This video goes over timers and the new wait action within the GDevelop game engine. Going over both timers by explaining how they’re different, and showing some use cases for each. Including using the timers to control the firerate of a gun, and using the wait action to delay sections of a count down timer. These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game engine.

Intermediate: Saving & Loading (Storage)

As you transcend the basics of GDevelop, you’ll want to have things stay the same each time someone opens your game. In this video, we take a look at how to accomplish exactly this!

Advanced Tutorial: Saving & Loading (Storage)

As you begin making more advanced games with GDevelop, you’ll want to learn this trick to save/load all of your variables with just 3 actions. This will allow you to develop larger games without the worry of your save/load system getting too out of hand.

Exporting Your Game To Itch.io — From GDevelop

In this video we’ll be exporting a game from GDevelop. We’ll be exporting both a html game file and a PC build. This video will also show people how to upload that exported game to itch.io, as well as good practices to ensure your game can be found when you search for games made with the GDevelop engine.

In Depth Tutorial: Tweens (Squash, Stretch, and More)

This video teaches GDevelop users about the tween behavior, and briefly goes over some simple juicy game effects and animations. We show an example of how to do squash and stretch, the Mario game ghost, and the Mario game coin block. These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game engine.

In Depth Tutorial: Platform(er)

This video goes over the platformer behavior. How to use it, and what sort of events relate to the behavior. We take you from a blank scene to having a moving animated platformer character. This will be useful for any game developers who are just starting out with the engine, or someone who might have missed something with the platformer behavior.

In Depth Tutorial: Top Down Behavior

This video goes over the top down movement behavior. How to use it, and what sort of conditions relate to the behavior. We show you the different styles of movement that can come from the behavior as well as how to achieve an isometric or 2.5D game effect with Z-ordering. This tutorial will be useful for any game developers using GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game-making app.

In Depth Tutorial: Physics Engine 2.0

This video goes over the basics of the physics engine in GDevelop. What the various options do within the behavior page, and some examples of how to use it. As well as how to make a basic brick breaker game. These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game making app.

In Depth Tutorial: Particle Emitter

This video goes over the basics of the particle emitter object in GDevelop. What the various options do within the object page, and some examples of how to use it. These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game engine.

In Depth Tutorial: Sprite

This video goes over the sprite object for the GDevelop game engine. Going over collision masks, points, and animations while explaining the use cases for those tools. These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game engine.

How To Make A Platformer Game — Part 1

In this video we’ll be creating a platformer, using the platformer behavior that comes with GDevelop by default. We’ll be going through this tutorial at a fairly quick pace because you should have watched the other tutorials before watching this video. These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game engine.

How To Make A Platformer Game — Part 2

In this video we’ll be adding 2 types of enemies to our platformer game. We’ll be going through this tutorial at a fairly quick pace because you should have watched our other tutorials before watching this video. These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game engine.

How To Make A Platformer Game — Part 3

In this platformer example video we’ll be going over ladders, a checkpoint system, the parallaxing background, and a win screen with a points system. We’ll be going through this tutorial at a fairly quick pace because you should have watched our other tutorials before watching this video. These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game engine.

Example: Asteroids — Part 1

In this video we’ll be recreating asteroids using the physics behavior that comes with GDevelop by default. We’ll be going through this tutorial at a fairly quick pace because you should have watched the intro tutorial playlist before watching this video.

Example: Asteroids + — Part 2

In this video we’ll be adding game juice. Which is basically particle effects, sound effects, screen shake, and everything that makes a game feel good to play. If you haven’t watched the first video in this 2 part series, be sure to do so because it goes over how we actually built this game.

Platformer Tutorial

Make a platform game from scratch.

Space Shooter Tutorial

Make a space shooter game from scratch.

How to Make a 2D Car or Bike Movement With Physics Engine

Learn how to create a physics based car movement.

Create a 2D Platformer Shooter

Create a 2D platform game where the player can shoot at enemies chasing him.

Tank Shooter Tutorial

Make a simple tank shooter game from scratch.

Endless Runner Tutorial

Make a simple game where the player must jump on platforms for as long as possible.

Endless Car Game Tutorial

Create a simple game where you must dodge the cars on the road.

Breakout Tutorial

Create a simple breakout game where you must destroy all the bricks on the screen.

How To Do Game Feel Right

Game feel, or game juice, is that extra bit of polish that helps make a game go from «good» to great. In this video we’ll cover and show examples of the different effects that add to game feel.

3D No-Code Game — A GDevelop Community Extension

It is possible to create a 3D game using GDevelop with an extension that was created by PANDAKO, who is a long time GDevelop user and community member.

Add Melee Beat’em Up Combat

This video shows game developers using GDevelop how to easily implement melee combat in their game. Showing two different kinds of attacks, and how to make enemies attack the player.

Creating Random Level Design

Randomly generated content in video games can create a lot of variety for your players. In this video we talk about 3 different ways to randomly generate levels in your game.

Easy RNG That Has A Big Effect In Your Game

RNG is a useful tool for gamedevs, especially with roguelikes or games with repetition as part of their game loop. Loot drops, enemy behavior, and level generation can all be forms of randomization. And in this video we tackle some of the simplest forms of RNG to help get your game started.

Add Damage, Armor, Dodge Chance, Etc.

This new update makes managing the health and stats of your characters, enemies, and object in game much easier! We show how to make a juicy hit, and then use the health extension to modify how the hit works with the player.

Create Enemy AI

We go over a number of simple game enemies, and then a couple more advanced versions that use similar mechanics to enemies in Mario and Hollow Knight. We create AI for patrolling enemies, flying enemies, and enemies that wait in place to attack the player.

How To Make A Boss Fight

This video shows 1 of the many ways there are to set up a boss fight. It goes over randomly picking behaviors from a set list you’ve created, and expanding on that list of boss behaviors and as the boss loses health.

How To:

Squash and stretch the player in your game

How To:

Make a spooky ghost chase the player

How To:

Make a typewriter effect in your game

How To:

Add gamepad controls to your game

How To:

Make an endless fountain of balls

How To:

Fling objects in your game

How To:

Spawn dust particles at a point

How To:

Change game resolution

How To:

Change color scheme

How To:

Add platformer behavior to the player

Create Animated Buttons

Create animated buttons that can be shown in your game menus (main menu, selection screen, etc…).

Character Selection

Learn how to add a selector to choose a character (or anything else) in your game.

Create a Flickering Dynamic Light Effect

Learn how to create a dynamic light following the player, with a flickering effect.

Ghost Enemy Following the Player

Make a ghost like enemy floating toward the player.

Create a Health Bar and Health Potion

How to show a health bar on screen and a potion to give back health to the player.

Melee/Sword Attack

Learn how to make a melee/sword attack with a randomly triggered animation each time a key is pressed.

Open a Loot Chest

How to open a loot chest with a key that the player can find in the level.

Particle Effects

Learn how to use particle emitters in GDevelop to create effects like fire, explosion, magic beam, etc…

Pause Menu

Learn how to stop the time and make a pause menu.

Platformer with the physics engine

Learn how to make a platformer game using the physics engine.

Push Objects

Learn how to push objects, like a box, in a platform game.

Reponsive UI

Learn how to add responsive UI using anchors.

Save and Load

Learn how to save the player progress, and other information, and to load them again later.

Screen Shake Effect with Timers and Variables

Learn how to add a screen shake effect when the player falls from a very high platform in a platformer.

How to Create a Simple Game with Physics and Particles

Create a game from scratch using physics and particles.

Make a Simple Trampoline/Jump Pad

Create a trampoline in your platformer game, making the player jump very high when stepped on.

Smooth Camera Movement

Learn how to make the camera follow the player in a smooth movement.

Create a Touch 360 Joystick Controller

How to create a joystick displayed on screen, useful to control the player in mobile games.

Tween Behavior

Learn how to use the Tween Behavior and how it can be used to add more life and animation to you projects.

Начните создавать свою игру

Воплощайте в жизнь и публикуйте свои игры с помощью GDevelop. Начать лучше с уроков и множества примеров, доступных в приложении.

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Программное обеспечение для разработки игр: создание многопользовательской игры


Продукты и услуги для создания живой игры и ее усовершенствования по мере роста. Подключайте игроков в любом масштабе на разных платформах и используйте наши проверенные решения для управления серверной инфраструктурой.

Начните бесплатно

Начните бесплатно

Готовый к масштабированию хостинг для игр любого размера

Apex Legends от Respawn Entertainment

Для многопользовательских подключений Unity Gaming Services предлагает сетевой код, выделенные игровые серверы и варианты хостинга P2P, которые подходят для проектов любого размера.

Серверная инфраструктура, которая экономит ваши ресурсы

Let’s Bowl 2 от Line Drift

При создании и управлении живой игрой студии используют серверные инструменты Unity Gaming Services для решения проблем, связанных с управлением данными, аутентификацией игроков и обновлениями контента.

Облачное игровое содержимое и обновления кода

Call of Colors от Passion Punch

Выпускайте игровые обновления с помощью мощного управления активами, запускайте свою игровую логику и улучшайте хранилище игровых данных — и все это через облако.

Многопользовательская игра

С легкостью создавайте многопользовательскую игру для студий любого размера на любом игровом движке и размещайте ее на проверенном, масштабируемом и безопасном хостинге игровых серверов.

Хостинг игровых серверов (многопользовательская игра)

Мы помогаем вам обеспечить отказоустойчивость и возможность масштабировать вашу игровую инфраструктуру, чтобы вы могли сосредоточиться на игровом процессе, ускорить выход на рынок и предоставить своим игрокам наилучшие впечатления.

Узнать больше


Подбирайте игроков в нужное время, чтобы максимально повысить уровень вовлеченности и опыта игроков — прямо из коробки работает с Game Server Hosting (Multiplay).

Узнать больше

Сетевой код для GameObjects

Сетевые библиотеки, созданные для Unity Engine. Надежный, настраиваемый и расширяемый для удовлетворения потребностей вашего следующего многопользовательского проекта.

Узнать больше


Экономичное создание многопользовательской игры без необходимости придумывать и вкладывать средства в хостинг выделенного игрового сервера. Поставляется с Netcode для GameObjects, что упрощает создание небольших кооперативов.

Узнать больше


Подключайте своих игроков до или во время игровой сессии. Игроки могут создавать общедоступные или частные лобби, используя простые игровые атрибуты, которые другие игроки могут затем искать, находить и присоединяться.

Узнать больше

Голосовой чат (Vivox)

Используйте 2D-каналы для общения товарищей по команде или создавайте по-настоящему захватывающие миры с позиционными 3D-каналами, учитывающими положение и ориентацию игрока.

Узнать больше

Текстовый чат (Vivox)

Независимо от того, играете ли вы в команде или участвуете в многопользовательском приключении, текстовый чат (Vivox) позволяет вашему игроку координировать свои действия в групповых чатах или в личных сообщениях для получения удовольствия от игры.

Узнать больше

Учетные записи

Позволяет игрокам входить в систему на разных платформах и сохранять прогресс на разных устройствах.

Сохранение в облаке

Гибкая и простая в использовании функция сохранения в облаке позволяет отслеживать и хранить данные игрока, такие как прогресс, способности и статистику, в облаке.

Узнать больше


Аутентифицируйте своих игроков для беспрепятственного взаимодействия с пользователем с помощью анонимных или специфичных для платформы решений для входа.

Узнать больше

Конфигурирование и управление

Заложите основу для удобного управления живыми играми.

Cloud Content Delivery

Создавайте и выпускайте обновления для игр с мощными средствами управления активами и доставкой контента через облако. Три сервиса в одном: сеть доставки контента (CDN), облачное хранилище и менеджер активов.

Узнать больше

Remote Config

Обновляйте игровые материалы удаленно и в режиме реального времени. Запускайте новые функции, тестируйте функциональные возможности или вносите общие изменения, не требуя обновлений приложения или изменения кода.

Узнать больше

Облачный код

Изменяйте игровую логику в любое время без выпуска новой версии игры с помощью простых в использовании бессерверных функций. Напишите и запустите свою игровую логику вдали от клиента.

Узнать больше


Все, что вам нужно для разработки и планирования вашей игровой экономики. Настраивайте и масштабируйте, чтобы улучшить игру для своих игроков и увеличить доход от игры.

Узнать больше

Начните строить основу для вашей живой игры

Все, что вам нужно для создания надежной основы для вашей живой игры. Начните сейчас бесплатно и платите только по мере развития вашей игры.

Начните бесплатно

Сделай 10 игра онлайн бесплатно

узнайте как сделать 10 онлайн игр, сделать 10 онлайн игр, сделать 10 игр, способы сделать 10 игр онлайн бесплатно, сделать десять игр онлайн, сделать 10 математических игр

+    =

Новая игра

Нажмите на правильное число, чтобы сумма составила 10.

Пожалуйста, поделитесь им:

Как сделать 10 игру онлайн

Узнайте, как сделать игру на 10 онлайн: нажмите на правильное число, чтобы сумма составила 10.

Учителя и родители любят те игры, которые увлекают детей и не требуют много времени на подготовку. Особенно, когда эти игры развивают важные навыки составления и разложения чисел и научиться складывать 10.

Эта онлайн-игра «Сделай 10» представляет собой особый вид игры с числовыми связями, в котором сумма двух чисел всегда равна 10.

Сделать 10 рабочих листов

Загрузите рабочий лист «Сделай 10» в формате PDF для бесплатной печати ниже. Этот рабочий лист «Создание десяти» учит, как сделать 10. Версия для печати «Сделай 10 рабочих листов» фокусируется на поиске комбинаций, составляющих десять. Больше заданий для детского сада вы можете найти здесь.


Номер облигации до 10

Способы заработать 10: игры

Знать, как сделать 10, необходимо для развития беглости фактов. Дети, которые знают, как сделать десять (7 + 3, 1 + 9)., 2 + 8 и т. д.), и понять, как можно разложить числа, можно легко может использовать эти знания, чтобы освоить более сложные факты, такие как 7 + 5, составив 10, а затем добавив еще 2.

Чтобы помочь детям лучше понять стратегию, как сделать 10, в правой колонке рядом с онлайн-игрой «Сделай 10» есть рамка. Использование десятичной рамки поможет детям увидеть числа в нашей системе счисления с основанием десять и начать разлагать число десять. Необходимый навык, поскольку они готовятся к более высоким уровням математики!

Синие точки обозначают данное число, а красные точки обозначают отсутствующее число. Если дети умеют сосчитайте до 10, они легко найдут правильный ответ.

Математическая игра «Собери десять»

В игру «Собери десять» можно очень легко играть дома: просто возьмите 10 конфет или кубиков LEGO и попробуйте разделить их на части. до 2 группы. Дети должны считать детали в каждой группе, чтобы они естественным образом запоминали числа, которые составляют 10.

Вы также можете попробовать этот набор из десяти магнитных рамок 9.0149 , идеально подходит для обучения числам, сложению, вычитанию, счету, связыванию чисел, удвоению, делению пополам и т. д.

Онлайн-игра «Сделай 10»

Подарите своим детям и ученикам новый увлекательный способ исследовать числовые связи с помощью этой игры «Собери десять». Также ритм и повторение помогают детям запомнить способы сделать 10.

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